Art For Well Beings 2014

Art For Well Beings is a studio in Palo Alto that provides a lively and original approach to painting for people with special needs. Based on the notion that all individuals have the potential to contribute through their art-making, founder/director/painter Judy Gittelsohn guides participants in playful yet rigorous art exercises. Through a foundation of positive routines, students paint together as they are exposed to art history, painting materials, and techniques in a safe and engaging environment. Each student is challenged to discover an individual approach. Every painting and painter is celebrated. A community is only as strong, vital and healthy as its least visible members. Art for Well Beings seeks to give voice and visibility to people living in Silicon Valley with developmental or cognitive disabilities. Give a gift towards transformation, enriching lives, and creating a vital and generous community. Support the work of Art for Well Beings.

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Tuesdays with Emily #5

Tuesdays with Emily #4

Tuesdays with Emily #4

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Tuesdays with Emily #3

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Tuesdays with Emily #2

Teacher w-planet AFWB

Tuesdays with Emily #1


On 05/06/2014 we will be holding a Donation Giving Drive through Silicon Valley Gives, some funds donated by interested parties will be matched.
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Art for Well Beings July 2014 Peaches Invite

Art for Well Beings July 2014 Peaches Press Release

Art For Well Beings for SV Gives Fundraising Drive

Art For Well Beings is an art studio in Palo Alto that encourages and cultivates creative expression specially for people with special needs
2460 Park Blvd # 3 Palo Alto, CA 94306

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Art For Well Beings Summer Camp 2014

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For more information view our poster in PDF format

Please view our PRESS RELEASE regarding the new 2014 Summer Camps


A r t  F o r  W e l l  B e i n g s  2013

Jeffrey with cat painting at AFWB

2013 AFWB Open Studio

Art For Well Beings Summer Art Camp: Enjoying the Fruits of Summer!

2013 classes and workshops.

Enthusiastically, we continue to promote Art For Well Beings as a vibrant and colorful space. We welcome you and your artist friends to join us to explore your own artistic unfolding, development and practice.

This year we have thoughtfully developed our programs and now offer you an inspired selection of classes. Come meet our experienced and talented team of teaching artists.

See -  Art for Well Beings artists’ interpretations of Judy’s paintings.

What's New This Week!

What’s New This Week!







2460 Park Boulevard, Number 3, Palo Alto, CA 94303.     650 776-8297