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Summer Art Camp For Gifted, Unique And Special Needs Artists

Contact: Judy GITTELSOHN (650) 561 – 3499

This summer Art For Well Beings offers serious young artists a rare opportunity to study painting and painters. Students can expect to be exposed to a wild variety of techniques and styles in this inclusive and inspiring learning environment. By studying ten artists during the ten days, students will develop their visual literacy as well as their own personal aesthetic. All will be encouraged to paint with rigor, and invention through a profound and playful method developed by Artist/Director Judy Gittelsohn. This dynamic classroom combines personal attention and group focus. All levels are welcome as we work together with color, representation and abstraction.

Art For Well Beings SUMMER ART CAMP/TEN ARTISTS/TEN DAYS is lead by Artist/Director/Founder of Art For Well Beings, Judy Gittelsohn. Ms. Gittelsohn has many years experience teaching art to people of all ages and abilities. Judy works with routine, pragmatism and generosity to deepen and expand each student’s artistic capacities. As a Golden Paints certified working artist, Judy is able to make available a broad range materials for the students use.

Judy’s Gittelsohn’s paintings employ multiple layers of paint to reveal a deceptively simple shape or form. Her surfaces are at times obliterated, at other times revealing glimpses of an earlier thought and direction. Her paintings play in the field “where the unseen touches”. She has been the recipient of numerous grants for her to work with developmentally disabled people, at-risk youth and the community based public art projects.

Classes will be held at Art For Well Beings – an art studio for gifted and unique people.

Dates: July 7th through 18th, 2014
Location: Art For Well Beings : 2460 Park Blvd. # 3, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Teacher: Judy Gittelsohn and Art for Well Beings certified artists teachers.
Ages: 12 and up : minimum 4 – maximum 12 artists per group
Cost: $300.00 per session
Time: morning session 9:30 – 12 : afternoon session 1:00 – 3:30
Register: Email or phone – / (650) 776 – 8297

Art For Well Beings Welcomes the New Year, 2013

…Unwinding from 2012 we begin 2013 with the subtle, calm inspiration of the Italian painter and etcher,  Giorgio Morandi.

Morandi bottles

Morandi bottles

Giorgio Morandi was born July 20, 1890 in Bologna, Italy and died there also, on June 18, 1964. He first exhibited his paintings with the Futurists and was closely associated with the Metaphysical painter however he is not identified with either school.  Repeatedly he returned to the simple, geometric still lifes of bottles, jars, and boxes and by returning to the same subject matter, he was able to move past content to an exploration of pure form (i.e., line, colour, shape). His contemplative approach gave his landscapes and still lifes a delicacy of tone and subtlety of design. As instructor of etching at Bologna’s Academy of Fine Arts (1930-56), he had a profound influence on Italian graphic artists.

Glenn L. painting inspired by Morandi

Glenn L. painting inspired by Morandi

Barbara painting inspired by Morandi

Barbara painting inspired by Morandi



morandi pale

Giorgio Morandi

Fall 2012

Nadine Spiral

Nadine Aspiring SpiralYellow Loop on WhiteMelissa

The Fall of 2012 was more than just a linear journey, it was a cyclically expanding spiral, moving outwards from a starting center point, like the coiled  filament of a light bulb, or the double helix of DNA, electron rays in the magnetic longitudinal field, the groove of a record, the thread of a screw, a snail’s shell or a snake in resting position, a spiral staircase, the  springs of a mattress, the tail of the sea-horse, a treble clef, a tornado, or a whirlpool…

Sasha Aspiring Spiral
Sasha Spiral
Spiral Exercise

Spiral ExerciseAFWB-Mira-painting-Aspiring-Spiral



Nina Iverson Spring 2012

Nina Iverson is our featured artist in the Spring of 2012!  Nina paints at Art For Well Beings every week.  She loves to paint, ride her bike and one of her favorite colors is pink.

Flower 2012 by Nina Iverson

Flower 2012 by Nina Iverson

Circles by Nina Iverson

Nina and her painting of Circles

Exercise of the week

Paint by puzzle of Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Paint by Puzzle Flower

Look at a flower – what do you see?